Torchbearer in the Temple of Elemental Evil

Here’s actual play from our first Torchbearer game. It rocked. Hard.

That’s great Sean! I’ve been noodling around with a conversion of the Moathouse for my personal use, though I haven’t had time to get very far, so I’m definitely intrigued!

Awesome! Did you have any problem in adapting the dungeon to the MG mechanics (you know conflict resolution, no hit points and such)?

Stay cool :cool:


That was by far the easiest part. When we got into a conflict (with said wolf spider) and the players opted to drive it off, I assigned some skills (Fight and Survivalist for knowing to avoid it’s poison) and we rolled up Dispo and scripted actions. I gave it a Nature and used that for pretty much everything it tried to do (Maneuver and then Attack). We ended with spider at 0 disposition and the player down from 5 to 3. I asked for the minor compromise that the guy who it jumped got the condition “afraid” because dude, that is some kind of terrifying thing to happen.

Sounds perfect!