Torchbearer Lair Assault

No, nothing that interesting.

I was just trying to explain Torchbearer to a friend, to get him into the right mindset, to get around any conflicting ideas of what “RPG” means in this context. I decided on:
Torchbearer is like a D&D Lair Assault, but with a focus on exploration and survival rather than on combat.”

I think that captures the idea that I was trying to get across, that it’s a “challenge” and a “game”. Just thought I’d share. :slight_smile:

Though, a Torchbearer Lair Assault would be kinda awesome. If I wasn’t already running 13th Age organized play at my FLGS, I’d totally volunteer to be someone who ran it in my town.

I think that’s a pretty apt description. I think of it as primarily a tactical game, where the tactics revolve around using your resources efficiently. This includes food and light sources, but also tests and checks.

Part of the reason my gaming group checked into TB is because we play Fourthcore (Lair Assault x 10). And I agree, the tactics are in how you manage your group and your resources.