Torchbearer - Now it cames in french flavour !


After many monthes of lurking here, reading but without saying a word, I finally decided to participate to this communauty life.

I’m not new to the BWHQ books (I currently have BWG, and every other books for Burning Wheel - blame it on Udo Femi which is the best french-seller of these books) and I manage to make a small campaign with BWG with a couple of friends.

But Torchbearer is really speaking to dungeoncrawler inside of me, as I was introduced to pen-and-paper RPG by the D&D red box. However, what I understood with my BWG campaign is : these games need a complete comprehension of the system by the players, and french people are pretty awful in English. So I had to translate the character sheet and the helps for players and GM in french to be sure we can play correctly.

So, here is the french-friendly character sheet!

Everytime I could manage to use the same terms that are in “Les Légendes de la Garde” (the french version of Mouseguard), I used them.

Next, I’ll translate the Player Conflict sheet

Matt’ Le Chacal

Thanks Matt!

I plead guilty.
This is all my fault (but put the blame on Matt’ for the excellent work)

Ooookay ! So, being busy lastly with my work, I only finished the conflict sheet now. But here it is again for english-impaired people.