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I’ve created a character sheet for Torchbearer using the new character sheet feature. Here’s a small sample of the first few fields:

To use it, login to (make a free account if you don’t have one). Before launching your campaign, go to Details > Campaign Settings. Scroll down to the Character Sheet section and select Torchbearer from the drop-down list.

Please let me know if you have any issues with it!

This rocks. Been using it. Have it setup on two campaigns. Kudos!

If you want me to pick nits… I usually have longer names for my Friends, Enemies, etc. so it would be nice to have more space space to write stuff, e.g. Evan Gelist the Cleric.

But for sure, it is really helpful. I love the ability to track tests. Thanks!

Edit… Also, a way to track checks and a flag for speciality skill would be nice too.

I’ll see if I can maybe lengthen those fields a little bit for the names.

I’ll have to add a Check tracker. That would definitely be useful. Good feedback!

Can you tell me what you mean by specialty skills? I’m just getting into TB so I’m not entirely sure what you mean by a flag for these. Thanks!

During character creation you choose one skill to be your specialty (the list is on page 15). If it’s a skill you already have, advance it by 1 (up to 4). If it’s a new skill, it opens at rating 2. No two characters may have the same specialty, and you signify your specialty by underlining it on your sheet.


It is nice to know a character’s specialty. The idea of no two characters having the same specialty is nice at a campaign start - improves diversity. Later, when player groups merge, it is less important, but still interesting to track for role play.

It’s a shame – Torchbearer is still not listed as a game system which you can play on Roll20. By that, I mean, start a new Campaign, then under “Playing”, you’ll need to either leave it blank, or put in something like “Other games”.

I contacted roll20 about this a while back (when Torchbearer was first released), and they said that they don’t lest every game, only the ones that they think that people will actually search for in their game listings. To me, this seems like a bit of chicken-and-egg, since how will they know what games people are searching for if they can only search by the limited tags that they control?

Anyhow, I wonder if there’s anything that we can do about this. They accepted and made available a character sheet submission for Torchbearer, so they should probably officially list it as a game.

(Sorry if this seems like a thread hijack, but I believe that it’s related)

I totally agree with you, slashdevnull. I think if we petitioned them, it could happen. I wonder if the best place to do it is via the roll20 forums or…

This is badass! Do you have the source posted anywhere? I’d love to see if it could be modified for Burning Wheel.

Why not ask again - just say that since there is a sheet now it makes sense to list the game as well.

Good point. I have done just that. Let’s see if we get a favorable response.

Shaun, you can find the source in the Roll20 github repository:

Good luck with a Burning Wheel sheet!