Torchbearer PDF for storebought copy?

Hey there,

I was randomly in one of my local bookstores and noticed a copy of Torchbearer. I decided to buy it, and then went to the BWHQ site and noticed that the bundle of hardcopy + PDF is offered for $10 cheaper than what I just paid :frowning: Oh well, so far it has been great reading and has me hearkening back to my early teen years of old-school gaming but with the distinctive BWHQ evocative flavours and mechanics. Is there a way to not have to purchase the PDF separately since I have a store copy (with receipt)?

Thor and BWHQ are awesome. That’s all.

I have a similar issue; I am in the UK, the print copy costs £25 (which is already much more than $25) and the pdf costs an additional £10 on drivethru, making the game cost more than double the US price. As it stands, I’d like both, but at these conditions, I won’t get neither. Is there any way in which I could get the pdf after I bought the print copy?

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Hi Antonio,

The $25 price is a sale price if you buy directly from us (which also gets you the PDF for free). Otherwise the book goes for $35 (which is relatively close to £25). However, in the next week or so, Torchbearer should become a full participant in the Bits & Mortar program. Once that’s up and running, any participating retailer will be able to give you the PDF for free when you buy the book.

Hi Thor,
thank you for the info! I’ll definitely wait next week, then.


FYI, Torchbearer is now live as part of the Bits & Mortar Coalition. If your local retailer is a member (encourage them to join if they’re not) they can give you a free PDF when you buy the print version from them.

This is really good.