Torchbearer Roll20 Play Aids

Now that G+ has been shuttered, does anybody currently have a working link to the Roll20 play aids that were originally shared there? Things like a turn tracker, conflict action cards, light trackers, etc. to help facilitate running Torchbearer on Roll20?

Selfishly I’m looking for these to try and put together some how-to videos for new players and missed grabbing these while they were available, but they’d likely be helpful to have around here if anyone has them.

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For the turn tracking, the built-in Turn Order tool works great.

If you haven’t used it already, access it from the toolbar. You can add cards for the grind, torches, lanterns, and candles, etc, and then track them all individually. The nice thing is that players can see it get updated and it doesn’t clutter up the table top.



I don’t recall who made this icon set, but I hope you post them again!


Definitely follow-up here if you find them. Post links to your tutorial videos as well, please!

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How did I not think of using the initiative tracker for the turn count? I feel so silly, now.

So after a bit of digging, I was able to find Liz Larsen’s Torchbearer play aids from quite a while back, which to save everybody else the trouble can be found and downloaded here:

Liz Larson’s Torchbearer play aids.

Using these, I was able to create images to be used in Roll20, which everybody can grab here:

Torchbearer Roll20 Play Aids

I made these quickly with the stock Windows snipping tool, so somebody else with a more careful hand that me can feel free to clean these up if they’d like. But they should do the trick for anybody looking to run Roll20 games in the immediate future.


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