Torchbearer Rules and Currency Summary Page

That’s not a very sexy name, but hopefully this schematic is more edifying.

Does this help you better understand how to play Torchbearer at a glance? It is meant for a high level view. It doesn’t describe conflicts, respite or session dynamics.


One thing that’s missing, and luckily I think you might have space for it, is Obstacle to Obstacle between Result and Describe on the Adventure wheel. It’s implied, sure, but putting a name to the GM’s mandate was clever, I think it would be good to include it here.

Initial impression from my three most experienced TB players is positive :slight_smile: they all feel like it’ll be a useful table side reference.

:crossed_fingers: I should have a new game starting next week. Will see how the novice players take to it / how it handles at the digital table and report back.


The before roll list of disadvantages seems to be missing the option of giving your opponent +2D for a check.

This is a very easily understood Order of Operations, it’s really quite good!


I love the individual sections, where each peace is broken down, but the flow between the different high level pieces (Describe, discuss etc…) is confusing to me.

I feel like I missed something. Under Test -> Secondary Characters, is has pay a Fate to learn… shouldn’t that be spend a check? Or am I misunderstanding?

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Lots of little tweaks in the second edition.


Awesome. Thank you, Thor.

So if someone had hypothetically (ok… not hypothetically) been inspired by the 2e Kickstarter to finally break out the 1st edition and run a game, could I use the chart above as-is (with the implied changes), or is it likely to run me into unexpected trouble?

It’s such a nice chart, but I’m still new enough on the rules that I don’t trust myself to spot pitfalls.

I think you can use it as is.


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