Torchbearer Sagas: Forces of Nature

Torchbearer Sagas: Forces of Nature
The natural world holds its share of wonders, mysteries and terrors. In eldritch forests throughout the known world, bewitching spirits hide from the eyes of Men while milk-pale creatures toil below the surface in a never-ending cycle of life, death and rebirth. In distant lands, a tribe of sentient reptilians hunt and swim the dark lagoons and dense jungles of their island homeland.

Forces of Nature is a supplement containing the new reptilian Salaam stock and two character classes: the Dryad Preserver and the Myconid Envoy. Also included: new creatures (Treants, Myconids, Drael riding beasts), a new skill (Dancer) and more!

Written by Jared A. Sorensen, with illustrations by “Calamity” Jon Morris


This is a fun one! I think my favorite of the three is the Dryad Preserver because it’s got some interesting level benefits, but I also really like the options both the Dryad and Myconid have to do beneficial things during the camp phase. Cool stuff as usual, Jared. Bravo

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A little lagniappe for yez:


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