Torchbearer Softcover vs Hardcover

I’ve been playing a bit of Torchbearer finally, but I’ve noticed some of the other players seem to have a different printing than I do.

Have there been significant changes since the older hardcover or is it mostly cosmetic/cover changes?

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It’s just a PoD version of the book. No significant changes.


Ended up getting one for the table anyway. Great game BTW

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Just to be 100% clear @sillywilly4 there are two printings of the hardcover. The first printing has gold text on the cover. The softcover is a POD of the second printing. If you own a first printing of Torchbearer, the only changes I’m aware of are level 2 traits and some helping skills.


Yeah, I have the old gold text cover, so it got the minimal eratta. No biggie, got a second book for the table

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