Torches (4) ... in one hand?

If an item like Torches are small enough to fit four to a slot, and are listed as hand/carry 1 or pack 1 (for example) does that mean an adventurer can carry four torches in one hand?

If the answer is yes, how do you exploit it?

I mean, I reckon you could, but, as a GM, one of Twist consequences I’d then have in mind is “and now you have 4 lit torches - good luck saving them!”

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Hah well I wasn’t even thinking about lit ones. But the most RAW-stretchy case would probably be something like carrying 1 lit torch and 3 unlit torches in one hand.

Carry 8 torches in 2 hands with only 1 lit at a time would probably be the most “exploitative” use I could imagine.

Feel like commonsense would come into play here…something that no RPG could ever adequately express.

Yes, but they’re all bound together with zip ties.

I had pictured this as holding a burning torch while tucking the other three under your arm in a tight bundle. In practice I’ve mostly kept the stack in a satchel and the burning one in hand.

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I assume torches are exactly like the fiery juggling props.


Aha rule support!

Each location can hold a limited amount of equipment: head and neck each have one slot; hands can hold two worn items and two carried items; the torso has three slots; your belt has three dedicated slots for your weapon, your pouch and your waterskin; and of course you can wear something on your feet.

Hands specifically hold an item not a bundle. While the torches example I gave was silly, what I realized I was really hoping exists was a rule saying that a person couldn’t carry 4 full small sacks in their 2 hands, and this looks like it!

Yes reading it this way would prevent a user from holding 2 empty small sacks in one hand, I’m willing to take that tradeoff :slight_smile:

You can carry 4 small full sacks in two hands. But you are overburdened and must make an Ob 3 labourer test.

Check the labourer skill factors for carrying extra sacks. It’ll count as fatigue too so +1Ob to recover from Exhausted.

Ah, thanks, I missed that, that’s also helpful.

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