Torgeir, caravan guard on the Blodveien

Level 1 warrior
Will 3
Health 4
Nature (human) 5
Follower of law

Raiment: thick, motley furs and leather. A cylinder helmet with nose guard and cloth falling over the neck, that keeps his eyes out of the stinging wind. A short beard, very dirty blond. High thick fur lined boots. A tough pale hand gripping a cruel spear. A white satchel with bright red drops on one side of it.

Fighter 4, hunter 3, survivalist 3, commander 2, rider 2, mentor 2, weaver 2, haggler 2, pathfinder (underlined) 2.

Heart of battle, brave


Friend: Jorg, carpenter of Jernkloster
Orphan, cross of the Lords on his neck.
He made his own way in life (2d cash)
Enemy: Olfrid, treacherous merchant.

Belief: lives are cheap, talk is cheaper. Death is a tool and it must be my craft so others may prosper.

Instinct: the cold is the most relentless killer. Always have or make clothes.

Goal: tbd

Inspired by the KS update and named after an old friend.


Well done!

Note that I think you have to choose between Brave and Rough Hands. You don’t get to start with both.

Thanks guys. Trait corrected. I have a feel for the type of cleric and dwarf that would go with this guy, the other classes, not so much. But I’m sure that’ll fall into place.