Toronto groups for learning to play

First off, I apoligize if I got this in the wrong sub-forum.

I was wondering if there are any active groups in Toronto that would allow me to sit-in on a game to see how it’s actually played? I bought the GM manual awhile back and started to going through it. I’m not entirely grasping how this is played and I’d have a much better idea if I could see some various groups play. I’ve never played any sort of pen/paper RPG before, that doesn’t help obviously.

I’m new to this forum and a stranger to all, so I don’t expect people will be willing to invite me into a home and I get that. In that case, would there also be any public venues where people frequently play this?

Thanks for any help in advance.



Check around on Google+. There are lots of groups playing BW and MG over Hangouts.