Town Is Where the Alchemy Is

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Morgan le Fay by Frederick Sandys (between 1863 and 1864)

Hello friends!

We all know you go to the tavern for drinks and rumors, the shrine for omens and the temple for prayers. But where do you go for your more esoteric needs? Why, the hedge witch of course! Check out this new town location for your game.

Hedge Witch

Some settlements boast a local magician who has retired from adventuring and set up shop out near the hedges. They sell balms, concoctions and admixtures to the needy and the desperate. Hedge wizards and witches will never cast a spell for money. Never. It is prohibited by their guild, from the highest lich to the lowliest apprentice. If they should be caught, they will be run out of town (and forced back into the wretched life of an adventurer) and, worse, shunned by their friends and mentors. Selling alchemical concoctions to needy adventurers is another matter entirely. Consult the Alchemical Agents table. Roll 1d3 to determine how many items are available. The GM may choose specific items.

Alchemical Agents Table (not available in the Market)

Cost Name Effect Inventory
Ob 3 Elixir of Reluctant but
Instant Bravery
Removes afraid condition Vial: Pack 1
Ob 2 Calming Scalp Balm Removes angry condition Vial: Pack 1
Ob 3 Enhancing Broth Against
Removes exhausted
Vial: Pack 1
Ob 3 Incense of the Hair of
the Dogs of the Wild Hunt
Vapor: Impose afraid
condition if inhaled, 1 charge
Incense sticks:
Pack 1
Ob 3 Hermetically Sealed
Bottle of Hellish Vapor
Vapor: Impose exhausted
condition if inhaled, 1 charge
Bottle: Pack 2
Ob 4 Waxed Jar of Noxious
Vapor: Impose sick
condition if inhaled, 1 charge
Jar: Pack 2
Ob 2 Vial of Purifying Heavy
Incendiary: Supplies for
fire building, fire starting,
burning, 3 charges
Vial: Pack 1
Ob 2 Bilous Smoke Pot Smoke: Supplies for hiding,
fleeing and battle, 2 charges
Jar: Pack 2
Ob 3 Petard Explosive: +1s Attack
weapon in kill, capture and
drive off conflicts
Box: Pack 3
Ob 1 Fire Flowers Fireworks (skill supplies) Bundle: Pack 1
Ob 5 Fire Belcher Incendiary Device: +1 Might in
kill and drive off conflicts,
-1s Maneuver
Pack 8

Alchemical Art!

Alchemy is more of a science than an art. Therefore there is a slight chance that each concoction differs slightly from the desired effect. After purchase, the GM should roll a d6. On a roll of a 1, the alchemical mixture is not as it seems. The GM chooses one of the following effects:

  • Recover tax and increase cap of one ability by one
  • Ignites on contact (burns, Ob 6 Health test)
  • Acts as poison
  • Turns skin blue until cured
  • Unintended euphoria: remove angry, but cannot fight or argue for remainder of phase
  • Turns to acid, pitting, dissolving and ruining gear

This is very evocative and super-useful for the potion poor group.

Do fireworks work as supplies for any skill? Or am I missing something?

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They count as supplies for any test where you’re using spectacle to entertain and/or impress.

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