Town Phase AP

There was a request on the Discord for a town phase example.


The party returns from a grueling adventure in the jungles. They retire to the dwarf’s hometown at the mighty dwarven hall of Khun Malduhr-Khazat to rest and prepare for their next adventure a week’s travel to the southwest.

The party has enough spent rewards for leveling up from 1st to 3rd level if they can hit two towns. So they plan to visit the dwarf town first, travel across the badlands to the busy crossroads of Santmyth Harbor, and then head south to the ruins from there.

The party arrives at the gates of the town ahead of their rivals, the Army of Dulin Skullsplitter. Dulin is an enemy of the dwarf character that attacked the dragefolk. The party plans to lay low and get out before Dulin returns to town.


Town events: Tavern fire. There is a fire at the tavern that burns it to the ground. The smell of ash and soured mead fills the air.

The party levels up to level 2.

Level Benefits

  1. Hauberk
  2. Gifted
  3. Vow to the Justice The Immortals of Law and Justice


  • Dwarf stays at his parents’ home (Inn).
  • Theurge stays at the hotel.
  • Mage stays at the inn.

Dwarf’s Home

Malkmus & Nastana are Berman the Dwarf’s parents. They are simple stonemasons that had hoped Berman would follow in their footsteps, but Berman has drifted from his parents after the loss of Berman’s brother. His parent blame him for the tragic accident. Berman doesn’t really realize it, but he has been cut off from the rest of his clan. Berman is desperately trying to get back into dwarven society and his grandiose plans to earn his place once more. His parents treat him like a stranger and only allow him to stay with them as per the Rites of Hospitality–so as to not arouse any more consternation from others in the town.

Ob 2 recovery angry

Dwarf attempts to recover from angry.

  • +1D from home (Inn)
  • Dwarf is angry so cannot use Born of Earth trait.

Will Skill Test Successes 2

Success. Dwarf is no longer angry.

Dwarf’s Will advances to 4.

The dwarf recounts how his mother’s home-cooking calms him down. He takes a deep breath with each spoonful of the hearty stew.

Berman decided to not join with the dwarven regiment and to help his mentor in the battle against the dragefolk. Although his mentor understands, his anger stems from the whole situation. But now, he can put that behind him.

Ob 3 recovery for exhausted.

Second recovery. Dwarf did not have any weariness/fatigue factors.

Health Skill Test Successes 5

Success. Dwarf is no longer exhausted.

The dwarf explains how he lounges in the guest bed for several days. His father is giving him the silent treatment the entire time, but he enjoys sleeping in each morning.

Ob 4 recovery for Injured

Dwarf attempts recovery. +1 Lifestyle

  • +1D hotel
  • +1D cloak
  • +1D defender to pull himself together for the team and for appearances for his parents

Health Skill Test Successes 3

Failure. Dwarf is still Injured.

Although she would never admit it, the dwarf’s mother is very concerned for him. He can tell that she is not happy. His mother Nastana paces back and forth. Malkmus just smokes his pipe by the hearth, staring into the fire, fuming.

The dwarf can tell it is time to leave.

The Inn

At the Inn, the mage falls quickly to sleep.

Mage recovers from exhausted Ob 4 (+weariness for casting spells)

  • +1D Inn

Health Skill Test Successes 4

The mage tells the group how the inn’s bed was so comfortable that he never even bothered to take his shoes off before falling asleep.


Theurge recovers from Exhausted Ob 3

Theurge gets a free recovery for Exhausted from the hotel.

The Theurge spends his days meditating and enjoy the tranquility of the hotel. He finds it rejuvenating and recharging.

Injured Ob 4

Theurge attempts to recover from injured but fails. He is still injured.

The Theurge’s wounds have not healed and he is still sore. He recounts how the magical trap at the temple tore deeply into his torso.

He considers spending some more time meditating or perhaps to visit the temple, but he fears that perhaps his Immortal Lord has forsaken him. The Theurge often gives offerings to the Lords of Chaos and the Lords of the Wilds, but in these northern towns, for the forces of Chaos are feared and reviled. He decides to wait


The Dwarf goes to market. At the market, Berman the dwarf sees old friends from the Old Country, but none of them will talk with him for fear of being shunned.

Ball of Twine Ob 1

Resources 0

  • +1D gold.

Success. Dwarf’s resources increase to 1.

(Note: had he failed, I would have brought in his enemy as a twist. His friends would have ratted him out for deserting the army and the battle. The dwarf would have had to talk his way out of it or perhaps run for it through a single Scout vs test to slip away).

Mage goes to market to buy Flask Ob 2

The Mage enjoys the cosmopolitan environment of the market. In other towns, magic is outlawed and stigmatized but not in this town.

Resources 0

  • You cannot use persona to Channel Nature for a Resources or Circles test.
  • +1D Resources help from dwarf
  • +1D gold

Success. Mage’s resources increase to 1.

Dwarf goes to market to buy chain armor Ob 3.

  • +2D helpers’ resources
  • +1D home resources
  • +1D loaned from friend
  • +1D gold


His friend, again, who will not talk to him in public does not want the money repaid. He just asks that Berman leaves him alone and doesn’t talk with him if he can avoid drawing attention.

Resources do not increase because it already increased this phase.

Dwarf buys Fresh rations, and Mage buys oil.

Resources do not increase because it already increased this phase.

Theurge goes to market to purchase a hat Ob 1.

  • +2D helpers’ resources (now that the mage and dwarf increased their Resources, they can help)
  • +1D gold

Success. Theurge gains an advancement for his resources ability.

The theurge is quite happy that he will have some added protection as they cross the badlands to the next town.

Leaving Town

Free Refills
The party refills their waterskins at the well by the gate.

Paying Your Bills

The party leaves town and makes individual (without any help) resources test.

Dwarf: 1 (Home is free, but there is a minimum lifestyle if it is zero. However, he paid for an additional recovery anyway, so his lifestyle is one.)
Theurge: 3
Mage: 2

Everyone pays their bills and leaves on good terms. Mage regains 1 point of Nature. The others have full natures. No one is fresh

Berman is determined to come back to town someday and prove everyone wrong about him. He believes he can work his way back through prosperity and success. Unfortunately, none of the other dwarves share his belief.


Dwarf and theurge are still injured. They cannot try to recover again, so they will have to seek healing treatment in the next town phase. If that fails, they will have to suck it up.

Adventure Phase

The party plans to travel along the well-worn path between the dwarven halls and the human’s town.


Nice! Just two slight corrections.

The dwarf can’t use Born of Earth and Stone here. You can’t use a trait to help yourself when you’re angry.

You can’t channel Nature to add dice to Resources or Circles (Scholar’s Guide, page 88, or page 110 in 1E).

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Weirdo rock references: if anyone is a Silver Jews or Pavement fan, I named Berman after David Berman after he died and his parents are named after Stephen Malkmus and Bob Nastanovich. Doh!


Thanks, I’ll fix them.

Can you act within nature when Resources are zero? Nature says you can roll Nature instead of a skill, but can it also apply to an ability like Resources?

No. Skills only.

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Cash dice (and help) are intended to be the only way to juice Resources rolls.

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