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EDIT: I’ve consolidated this project in a different thread. The most up to date files may be found here:

I’m working on a series of record sheets to aid in campaign-building for my Torchbearer game (I love how formulaic a lot of the gameplay is, and want to prepare my sandbox campaign world in a formulaic way as well.)
Here’s a town design/record sheet. I’ve tried to include fields for everything that the rules specify makes a town individual from other towns, and include a little space to write a brief description note about each location. The little circles are meant to contain numbers correlating to points on the map. What is it missing? Any thoughts? Enough space?
lizlarsen_torchbearer_townsheet.pdf (23.1 KB)

Looks awesome! I’ll definitely use it for my game. Thanks a lot. You might also consider space for town events or rumors and maybe a space for notable NPCs. But it’s great as it is, just some constructive suggestions.

Thank you! Those are good suggestions. My original thought on NPCs was the “Other Locations” areas could be used to mark the residences or places of business of various important people (“Personal Homes” and otherwise.) But I don’t know if there’s enough slots to cover it carefully. You could also note NPC names in the other location description boxes (i.e, the Innkeeper or Tavern owner.)

What would you use a Town Events area for? Is this for addendums to the Town Events tables in the book, or is it for recording previous Town Events as a campaign log thing?

FWIW, I’m also working on similar sheets for Adventure Sites and Regional Map/Travel Routes… and also index card sized templates for Monsters, NPCs, Weapons, Magic, etc.

I was more thinking events that happened in town and may affect later things. Such as, “Korvir managed to rescue the Innkeeper’s daughter from the Bugbear’s lair.” Or, “Kallista was found stealing a priceless necklace from the city treasury.” Like you said, the npcs and events record stuff could go in the description area as well, just thought I’d throw some things out there.

Oh I see, that makes sense. I think I’m going to work up some session log sheets for that kind of thing. But having it on the map would be nice too.

Here’s another PDF with sheets for the Setting Map, Regional Map (this is used to show the areas around towns and sites, including travelling obstacles between these locations), Town Map, Site Map, Monster sheet. Torchbearer rules don’t mention a formula for overland travel or regional travel, so I needed to come up with that one missing piece in order to make a holistic campaign setting. There could be a Regional Map for every Town, just to illustrate travel to its surrounding adventure sites. For my setting, there will be 4-5 regions, each with 1-3 towns and 3-9 sites per region. By the time I’m done, I should have a 50+ page campaign setting document all fleshed out and organized. :slight_smile:

lizlarsen_torchbearer_campaignworksheets.pdf (28.5 KB)

Excellent work.

Really cool stuff!

Makes me inspired to go non-digital only and throw my laptop out the window.