Tracking down a PC

Coming back to Luke’s quote again

…the single most efficient builder in BE is Observation/Security to find a PC, Close Combat to kidnap him, and Surgery to hull him.

Why would it be observation/security and not just a circles roll?

I’m looking at the descriptions of observation & security and it seems like a bit of a stretch to use them for finding a PC, although it’d depend on what exactly was going on the story.

Monitoring London-esque security cameras to track the PCs’ movements. Observation, I’d guess, would be if you’re tailing them. Usually I used Circles, but I could see that being way easier if the fiction supports it. Hm, actually, color scene some mooks tailing the PC(s), then go to a builder to spring the trap…yeah, that’d totally work, wouldn’t it?



You’re looking at those tasks without intent or context.

Observation – to follow you home from work.
Security – to watch the cameras at the compound so I know when you come or go.
Circles – to find someone who knows where you live.

You can’t directly Circles up a PC. Circles is only for NPCs.

Just to be sure, in the case of the Circles Test you mention could you use the other PC’s Reputation as advantage dice? You aren’t Circling the PC directly but you are “seeking” him. I’ve agreed to that before, and it seemed right at the time** but I’m curious what you think the rules say, Luke.

** In that case it was a PC that I’d hulled and had moved to hiding till his surgical wounds healed (I had scripted a Go To Ground for the maneuver).

There’s rules for using someone’s rep against them, right? That’s cool.