Tracking Light

Here’s the technique that I’m planning to use to track who’s in the light and who isn’t. I haven’t tested it yet, because I haven’t had a chance to play, but here it is.

I’m going to use poker chips. I’ll probably be using the red ones for Hit Points anyway, so that leaves me with blue and white. When somebody lights a torch (or whatever), they’ll get a number of white and blue tokens to match their light source. White for bright light, and blue for dim, and they can pass those out as they like.

I bought a few el cheapo pairs of sunglasses from the dollar store. Players who are in dim light wear them as a reminder. It’s helped a lot. B-)


I remember seeing someone post a “light mat” with zones marked for bright and dim light, and each player would put their token in the appropriate region. Maybe it was on G+? It looked pretty good, I’m going to do something similar.

Maybe here or there.

You…have made my day.

Yes, it was the first one.

Do players who are in darkness have to wear a blindfold?


Nah. The thing is, we were always forgetting to add dim light as a factor. I never have trouble remembering when adventurers are in darkness. :wink: