Trait descriptions?

Hello all,
Just picked up BE the other day, a week or so after I bought the other three core BW books (BW, CB, MonBu)… I’m an utter whore for interesting new RPGs that use D6s, especially after my beloved Dream Pod 9 has disappeared with nary a trace into the ugly pit of D20 supplements.
But I did notice something odd in BE, and to a lesser extent, in the Character Burner. There are an awful lot of traits in there that are… ambiguous, to say the least. I’ve got a feeling that several of them are in-jokes by the designers (Speaker of the Secret Language, anyone?), but even so, it’s tough to say exactly what they’d do…
Some examples:
Bruised Eyes (Um, what?)
Kilgore (I’m guessing like the colonel from Apocalypse Now… but does that mean the character loves to surf?)
Malecum (again, guessing here, but like the character from Neuromancer?)
Speaker of the Secret Language
Spock (I fail to see how this is different from Coldly Logical, Detached, or Calculating)
This is a store not a library! (again, huh?)

I’d just appreciate a little more explanation on these in particular, because they’re interesting… just unclear.

This again.


for some answers.

Irradiated, Bruised Eyes, Hat-Passer and Flyboy seem pretty obviously self-describing, as does Chimerical when you take it in context.

“Spock” encompasses being more than just purely logical, IMO.

“Speaker of the Secret Language” is an in-joke, but it works just fine when you take it entirely straightforwardly. There is a secret language. This guy speaks it.

“This is a store not a library!” – imagine a comic book shop. OK, now imagine a bunch of irritating kids standing around reading the books instead of buying them. Now imagine you’re the cranky old bastard behind the counter watching it happen.

Oh, durple on me. Forgot the search function again. Whoops.