Trait dice

My question is if you have a trait that gives you 2D to falsehood, with an opened falsehood of 2D.

For advancement am I trying to advance a 2D skill or 4D skill.

Does it just count permanently as a 4D or is it a 2D with bonus dice?

I guess it dosnt matter how the system works dynamically, unless I lose the trait.

When calculating if the test is routine, difficult, or challenging, you’d always look at the number of dice (from skill, forks, traits, help, advantage) actually rolled (except those dice gained from Artha) against the obstacle you are trying to meet.

For determining how many routine, difficult or challenging tests you need to advance, you’d look at the current rating of the skill, which in this case is 2.

For advancement purposes, you have a 2D skill. You need 2 routine tests and 1 difficult or 1 challenging test to advance. However, as with any other time you test, to determine the difficulty of any given test, you count the total number of dice you’re rolling (including the 2D from your trait, but not including any Artha spent) against the obstacle. If you roll 4D against Ob 2, that’s a Routine test. If you roll 4D against Ob 4, that’s a Difficult test.

Make sense?

Yes it does.

So the trait dosnt change the skill of just modifies the pool. Cool

Yeah that was what I said when I mentioned skill tests being dynamic. It’s one of the coolest features of the game.

I agree with you. I had thought at first it would be clunky, but I have a few of the charts in a little booklet printed off for reference, and it is quick, simple and AWESOME.