Trait Spamming - is it possible?

is it possible to tap a level two trait on every action you take in a conflict? which traits would lend themselves to this? I run the game for a group of kids and I encourage them to think about taking advantage of the design. this question came up when we were pondering how you could maximize your trait. the best I could come up with was if you took Determined or Driven and declared the conflict as critical to a belief or goal.

I’m not trying to min-max the game, just wondering if it has already been designed to protect against this - or to allow it if it is appropriate.

How often can you use a Level 2 trait in a session?

You can use a level 2 trait as many times as you want. That said, it’s the GM’s responsibility to put the brakes on abusing a trait by trying to apply it to tests that don’t really fit. And if every test really does work for the goal, then the GM should be throwing twists, etc. at the players that don’t directly apply.

Ah, now I have my book handy. Level 3 traits need refresh. Yeah, Level 2 traits are usable as long as the group decides that it applies.

Gear works pretty much the same way.