Trait: Undeterred

So, p. 275-6, the trait Undeterred reads:

“An Undeterred character may ignore the Let It Ride rule once per session for any test… It may only be used once per phase.”

Any opinions?

Huh! Neat. I don’t remember that one.

I think I’d treat it as a way to extend a contest in case you “lose” it – the stakes stay the same but it now takes two rolls to lose/win. Kind of a combination reroll and free test for progression.

What’s it worth? If it’s 4 or more points I’d probably assume the “once per session” is correct. The per-phase ones are either way more powerful, or they’re cheaper.


Yeah, it’s a nice trait.

It’s a 4-pointer, but I’m not really sure which is intended. I bet the “use once a phase” phrase was added later, because it is a slightly awkward addition to the paragraph as a whole.

On the other hand, I’m not sure if it is quite useful enough at that rate, while at the same time worrying that it is almost too powerful, used once a session.

Way the value of buying the 4 pt trait versus buying 4 additional lifepath traits since lifepath traits cost only 1 trait point each. You could also consider a mixed approach by spending 1 or 2 points on additional lifepath traits and the rest on a general trait. There are some decent 2 & 3 point general traits available also.

Well…Casuist is similar (and what a weird word!) but rather than applying to all tests it’s only a C/O for Circles. As a C/O it’s useable 1x/session.

Ignoring Let It Ride is less statistically effective than rerolling only failed dice. But it’s also applicable to all your tests, under a variety of circumstances (not only in a failed roll but also in a roll where you want to succeed by more) and gives you an extra test for progression.

I’d still go with 1x/session. If every player buys it, that tells you it’s undercosted/overpowered, right? :smiley: At 4 points there’s a lot of other tasty stuff you could grab instead.


Once per phase means ONCE PER PHASE. Otherwise, Paul’s got it.

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I think the confusion came from it stating BOTH that it is “once per session” and “once per phase.” The former is redundant if the latter is true.

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