Trait vote

A quick one…

In your campaign, is it harder for a character to gain a “trait” that cost more points in the list (dice trait or other one)?

Character trait seem pretty easy to get during the vote.

Other type of traits seem harder.

Another one, related to the first question:

What would ask of a character to get something like Fate or Gifted during play (let’s say fate and magic exist in your setting)?


We’ve had characters build up to call-on and die traits by first earning character traits through votes. For example, a character who was trying to open Faith first had to receive the Believer trait.

There used to be (are they still there in Gold?) about different kinds of artha expenditures warranting certain kinds of traits. Spending Fate on a scene fueled by an instinct or belief is a nod toward earning a relevant character trait. Persona opens up Call-Ons and low-point die traits; Deeds opens up expensive die traits.

The Believer->Faith path is well worn ground, and I used it recently in Burning Grunweld for Dallin.

As commented on in this thread: 12752-Traits-and-Artha the specific artha rates were removed for some general guidelines on page 59.

Generally speaking, we’ve often had the GM propose a trait vote with a rough guideline of what sort of traits we’re looking at (“1 Character, 1 Die” for example), then ignored everything except play when we considered the actual traits we wanted to award or remove. If it turned out that we wanted to elevate a trait instead of award a Char trait, then that was OK. Artha expenditure was more-or-less required to support anything granting advantage. The players tended to spend that Artha anyway, and players were responsible for any tracking, although the GM noted expenditure that he thought was particularly memorable for a subsequent Trait vote.

TL;DR: evolve Char into Dt then C-O, artha expenditure necessary but not sufficient.

Thanks to everyone. Sorry for my english!

So, in my chronicle let’s say the PC want to gain Faith a character as to get “Believer” first and then… Faithfull.

Believer seem a bit strong, i f i read it correctly all Fatih Ob against the Beleiver are at -1. So basically, the priest that as Believer is at -1 Ob to perform any miracle, am i correct?

Does any of you got any character developping Faith during play? Do you have concrete example?

The priest who is a Believer gets -1 Ob to perform any miracle on himself, yes. But, I think Believer is a weaker form of Faithful, and you should not be getting the benefit of Believer and Faithful.

Yes, it happened recently in Burning Grunweld. In session 25, Dallin earned the Believer trait, and later on we awarded him Faithful.

For my money, Faithful would require a trait vote but then be granted in play by direct intercession from one of the appropriate deity’s querubim or other such scary creature. If the PC didn’t already have a belief about her God, a geas would be applied.

Great answer!

How can one get -1Ob to perform a miracle on self without the faithfull trait?

It seem that there’s something i just don’t get.

Ah, no. A Believer is convinced of the power of miracles. So when a Faithful priest targets the Believer with a miracle, for good or ill, it’s easier to do (-1 Ob). For example, you might have a priest blessing some holy warriors.

Look at the religious traits for ideas. Righteous, Infallible Religious Logic, Zealot, etc.

I’d go for steps along the lines Witness -> Convert -> Faithful. Seeing Miracles might grant the Witness trait, later reinforcement of the power of a god and good roleplay would grant Convert and Faithful traits down the line.