Traveler's Hill - a short adventure

I’m set up to run Torchbearer at the Tacoma game day on the 21st, and thought I’d put some creative energy into a short and sweet one-evening adventure. Here’s a googledoc link:

If you don’t want to wade through that, here’s a summary: Traveler’s Hill is the burial mound of King Gylf the Traveler, who’s buried Sutton Hoo-style in a funeral ship. Because Gylf was cursed, most of the history has been forgotten or expunged, and now there’s just this weird hill in the middle of nowhere with no travelers around. The sole peasant occupant of a nearby squalid hamlet digs up a bronze shipfitting while pulling stumps and totes it all the way to Skogenby to trade it for liquor. Word gets around - enter a crew of disreputable treasure-hunters. The monsters include Gylf’s corpse (a sort of detuned Barrow Wight), a few surviving oarsmen skeletons (Tomb Guardians), some nasty mold, terrible footing, ants and spiders, and an ankheg.

Happy to entertain edits, commentary, etc. At some point I’ll fire up InDesign and make this a real-looking document, presuming it passes muster here.


Looks awesome! You have a good writing style.

Thanks! :smiley:

I love that you’ve captured the gritty, slog-through-the-shit feel of TB that I love.

Great stuff!

And seriously - if there’s something questionable I want to know. Like, f’rinstance, is there a rule of thumb for loot distribution? I guess I can reverse-engineer that, huh: likely Loot dice needed per character to have a chance (or force a choice) at the end of Town. Four characters facing a possible Ob4 Lifestyle test are going to want 30ish loot dice. Is that valid?

From personal experience, I can say starting characters trudging back to town with less than 4 cash dice each are going to be sad, sad pandas. 4 to 6 dice apiece is what I’d call getting by. More than that is gravy.

(These figures change once the characters start establishing personal Resources scores.)