Treatment After Treatment

So, my MW’d PC is in a sticky situation. He’s going to receive treatment, but the only “surgeon” around is Mr. Twofeet, a volunteer with the Hobbitry-in-Arms – and also a veterinarian.

Sooo… While the treatment may be successful, I doubt it will reduce his downtime.

Anyway, my question is this: If his buddies are able to get him to an Elf haven afterward can they roll another Treatment test for his MW? My guess is that the answer is no as per the Let It Ride rules and that he’s stuck with whatever a hog-doctor can do to stitch his innards together. The Elves – if they are obliged – can help him with Traumatic and onward, maybe?

Eh… LIR applies, but the situation has also changed (better doctors and facilities). What’s riding on this? Are there interesting consequences? If not, tag a 10% reduction in recovery time for superior care during recovery and call it good. If so, let them re-test but assign an Ob penalty for the botched/sub-Elven initial treatment.

This is what stopping the bleeding is for (you’ll find the rules in the Anatomy of Injury section). You want to stop the bleeding long enough to get him to someone that can really help him.

That sounds good. And you’re right, the situation has changed, so maybe that’s can allow a new roll.

Right, but “Stopping the Bleeding” lasts only one scene. I know that scene is a purposefully vague term, but it’s going to take them maybe a whole session to find the Elves and / or a real doctor. They’re in the middle of a big battle right now.

Well, IIRC, you have to roll for Treatment and Recovery at each wounded stage from Mortal down, right? Or at least a Recovery roll for each stage down?

The Elves could totally provide him with, say, Mirrorwine, which provides bonuses to Health tests to recover. And Linked Tests can be valid as long as the Task and Intent make sense. Maybe those super-smooth Elven sheets make your bed-rest that much more…restful. Or their amazing food is more nourishing than anything humans can provide.

Basically, you’re going to be rolling more Health tests anyway, so it still works out in the fiction.

It is the same Intent, so no re-roll.

Yes, be hurt… hurts. He recieved a mortal wound. Someone has to keep him alive until he can recieve treatment. But then Mr. Twofeet could say: “If he not receives treatment soon he will die.” And he is right. So, if “surgeon” Twofeet screw up during the treatment I think there is little the elven can do.

Someone better Circle up an Elven healer!