Trick Shot (Dt) Suggestion

This Die Trait would allow a character to perform unusual feats with a ranged attack such as banking a shot off of a corner to target something or someone behind cover, or attacking multiple targets on a single action (like Robin Hoods twin arrows or Xenas Chacrum).
The trait requires a reasonable explanation of how it is being used as well as rolls for each “target” (in the case of a single object such as a chacrum, the first attack roll must succeed in order to attempt the next).
This could be used to throw two daggers, fire two arrows, or bounce a stone/disk/ball/ect. off two peoples heads.
It breaks the rules of Fight! But that’s why it’s a die trait.
I’m thinking it should be a 4 point Die Trait
Any comments are appreciated

Sounds more a skill than a trait to me. Something like Shield Training or Two-Fisted Fighting Training.

Any reason you can’t just do trick shots as an increased Ob? What’s the trait bring?

Whether or not it’s a skill that must be opened to do so is orthogonal to how to model it in-play. (IMO, it should require a training skill, as Arich says.)

Yeah, I’d just make a test with increased difficulty. It doesn’t take a special breed of person to do trick shots. Where I could see this working is giving open ended dice when trick shotting.

The reason for a trait was that it would allow someone to target more than one person with a single action in Fight!, kind of like Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood firing two arrows at two different guards at the same time, a Dirksman doing the same with two daggers, or Xena’s charcrum taking out multiple guards with a single throw.
As these things would violate the rules for Fight! it seems that a Die Trait would be needed to allow them.
Can this be accomplished without a die trait?

I would prefer it as a training skill if the spirit of the trick shot could be maintained.

Yeah, I think it’s actually a pretty great idea for a Die Trait. Compare stuff like Killer and Practiced Precision; they break the rules in a fun way. I guess you could technically do it with a high Ob, but this works too. (I think you could technically argue for replicating many Die Traits via higher Obs.)

Die Traits are the “signature characteristics” of a character, and they don’t just have to be qualities they possess–they can also be special knacks.

I think I’m warming to the idea of this as a trait. Disregard my concern.

Look at the Two-Fisted Fighting Training skill. It breaks the rules of Fight! by letting you use two weapons instead of one and strike with them simultaneously.
The Trick Shot you describe would do something very similar (letting you hit two targets instead of one with a single attack).

The other reason why I’d go for a skill, instead of a trait, is in-game acquisition. If Trick Shot is a trait, it means it can be gained by Trait Vote. But how would you gain a trait like this? I mean, I can imagine someone gaining something like Practiced Precision in play through his Instincts. It would be a long process, but could be done. But Trick Shot? How could one ever gain a trait like that, if he cannot shoot two arrows at once without it?
OTOH, I can easily imagine a character spending a lot of time training and practicing with his bow, until he finally learns how to shoot two arrows at once. Training and practice are covered by the advancement rules, which means Trick Shot could be learned as a skill.

This is a very good point!
Although it would probably need to be weapon specific, kind of like Mounted Combat differs between archery and melee, Trick Shot with a Bow would be different than Trick Shot with Throwing Weapons.