Troll Lords and Servants

Just wondering if there was any particular reason why the Troll Lord is the only Legion lifepath with a lead to the Servants, given the Servants don’t use Troll Lord as a requisite for anything. Indeed, the only other three LPs with leads to the servants are Born Great and Black, The Rites, and Whisperer. The first two are young orc LPs, and the third is a sneaky kind of lifepath one would expect would interact with the Servants. But Troll Lord? I noticed this when I was burning a character for a Burning Banners playtest, and was trying to see if I could get either engineering or combat combined with magic. Not in fewer than 7 lifepaths, and Troll Lord is the shortest way there. Weird. Unless, of course, you go through Servants first, and then head back to the Legion. Born GB, Rites, Slave to Dark, Drinker of Dark, Knower of Secrets, Bears the Lash is kind of interesting too, but painfully short on RPs.

The Orc LPs are nothing if not filled with cruel irony. Climb to the top in the Legion, start your new life as a slave to venal, fragile Servants.
What could go wrong?