Trying out Lifepath Burning - Rahja Priest


to try out Lifepath Burning i want to focus on the Priests in the Das Schwarze Auge setting because they are hard to build in BW. They are a pantheon and i want to start with Rahja - goddess of Love, Lust, riding and generally nice things.

Rahja Priest (rel. subsetting)

Time 5 years, Res 20, Stat
Leads City, Noble Court
Skills 7 pts soothing pladitutes, vinery, riding, animal, ritual, write, read, sing
Traits 2 pt: Rose tattoo of Rahja (renamed vested), drop dead gorgeous

I am not sure if a statpoint should be awarded


So only the hotties get to stay in the Priestesshood?

What kind of problem you are facing there???