Trying to make some play aid for light/dim and who's carrying was a basic attempt there. It didn’t look fantastic though once printed.

Anyone else have nice graphics/play aids/whatever to track light/dim/darkness status yet?

This is a great topic, I’d probably use a D4 and rotate it each turn. Or use 3-4 match sticks (strike anywhere) and remove them similar to the marbles for disposition.

These are for DCCRPG, so the turns are different, but the idea and graphic is pretty cool.

I used a business card template to print out a bunch of equipment cards so that players can have them out on the table where they can easily see & reference them. Definitely helped in conflict where weapons were being used.

Just to clarify, I think the idea was not a turn counter for light sources, but rather an indicator of who (if anyone) is in dim light. For example, in our first session we we had one PC in dim light, because we had only one lantern lit for 4 PCs, but forgot to apply the modifier.

Why not just have cards printed with Bright Light or Dim Light (-1D to whatever) printed on them? When a player lights a torch, give him two bright cards and two dim cards and he can keep one bright and hand the others out as he likes. If you don’t have a card, you’re in the dark. When a torch burns out, they give back the right number of cards.

Brilliant! If I really wanted to get fancy, I’d print titles like “Candle”, “Lantern”, and “Torch” at the top. When I handed a set of cards out, I’d put a paperclip on the title that represented the source of the light, just to keep players apprised of what belongs where.

That’s what I’ve done. Also, I believe, what BWHQ’s set will have based on their preview description. I’m still tweaking, we’ll see how they work out tomorrow. EDIT: Well tomorrow may not be the best test, one player can’t make it so only 3 PC total and we’ve been using a Lantern.

Our DM for our first game made some super handy weapon cards that said what each one was, and what it could do in an Attack, Defend, Feint, and Maneuver action. Super helpful! And I love the idea of light cards. I think I will make some for the one shot I’m running next weekend!

What I ended on going with (those green tokens will also be hp in conflicts)

That’s really cool! I think I’ll use that as inspiration to make a play aid for us in our crawl.