Trying to understand adventuring with wounds

BWG and the Adventure Burner both state that it is impossible to “adventure” or do strenuous activity while recovering from a wound, but the Adventure Burner also says that a character can suck it up and adventure while they have wound penalties. To me this reads as a contradiction, so I am confused.

Should I read this as “it is impossible to recover while adventuring”?

It seems to me that as long as a wounded character is not incapacitated it can adventure, but there is some consequence for doing so. Two consequences occur to me (1) each day with strenuous activity does not count towards recovery, (2) engaging in strenuous activity undoes the recovery, replacing the healing wound with a bleeding wound of the original severity.

Thanks for your insight!

You do not recover while conducting strenuous activity. You can do whatever you want while you’re wounded, so long as you’re not incapacitated.

Sweet, thanks.