Trying to wrap my head around Teamwork in Conflicts

I know their is another topic with this name though it dosn’t answer my questions.
for the sake of the topic/examples lets use: Saxon and Sadie.
They enter the an Fight Conflict.

The teams start by rolling Disposition, if their is more Teams they roll their own Disp right?
Saxon rolls 6d6 + 4 Health.
Now Sadie can add an helping dice?

The same when Saxon makes an lets say Independant Attack Roll, Sadie can once more add her Helping Dice to the Fighter roll?

My questions are:

Can you use FATE for Disposition Rolls or even PERSONA to tap Nature?
If Sadie decides to add her Helping dice when the team rolls disp she is bound by the outcome, but how hard and what effect?
If Sadie dosn’t decide to add her Helping dice to the Disp she isn’t bound by the outcome at all? Only the Invoking character is?
If Sadie adds her Helping dice when Saxon is making an Attack roll, what outcome is she bound by? and whats the effect.
If a character lacks the skill can they take their Health/2 and roll?( Like the rule for when you don’t have the required skill ).

I must say the game is fairly easy rule wise untill you come to the Conflict part then it starts getting complicated.

Hi Siffner,

The holistic answer is that all of the basic rules apply in conflicts. Conflicts just shape how and when we roll.

So yes, you can spend fate and persona points.
Yes, if you don’t have the skill, you can test using Beginner’s Luck (or Nature).

And “bound by the outcome” means that if Sadie helps Saxon and Saxon loses, Sadie loses too.
More than that, each conflict has a goal. Sadie is therefore subject to the results of the goals of the conflict and any compromises.
And, if you help with dispo, you can take actions during the conflict.
If you don’t help, you can’t take actions – you can only add a helping die.

Clears up soo much…
( Multi Team Conflicts is a BITCH ).

I’v still have one ( which might be dumb ) question. If Sadie is in the same Team( She helped with Disp ) as Saxon when he is making a Independant Attack roll Sadie can give his 6 Fighter Roll an extra dice because she can help him in that Skill Test right?

In other words Sadie can help in both Disposition Rolls and when he tests skills for his Action right?

Yes (subject to all the normal rules for Teamwork).


(They’re really not that hard. But, even better, you don’t ever need to use them if you don’t want to. You can just lump everyone onto two teams and play it out. Works fine.)