Tweaking Mice Nature for slavers?

I’m putting together a game involving mice from outside the territory capturing mice from inside the territory for slaves. Would it work to tweak the slavers Nature to show they they were raised to believe in their racial superiority? I’m thinking of replacing Escaping and Hiding with something more bossy and domineering. These are mice who are used to having their way. Used to slaves carrying out their whims.


If you’re talking NPC slavers, that sounds cool. It’s your game. Say they’re a different species of Mouse if someone bitches.

Weasel nature would also be good to check out for ideas (Burrow Stealing comes to mind. I think that’s one for Weasels. Gloating, Aggressive, something…). I keep flipping through the list of animals for ways to think about Nature, but Weasels are the kings of being nasty to Mice for the sake of being nasty.

If you’re talking nasty evil PC slavers & not NPCs, where’s the drama if the aspects are bossy and domineering? As I understand now, the Aspects of PC Nature should be all screwed up like a good Belief or Instinct, which I know you can put together.

It’s totally for NPCs. Though I could picture a later game with slaver characters.

I like the idea of stealing from a different animals Nature! I’ll flip through there and see what jumps out.


Why remove the tension – and underlying humanity – that we’re all mice? Some mice exploit others. That doesn’t make them any less mice.

Hm, that’s a good point. And it leaves open the idea of slaver mice switching sides. (And vice versa!)


That was a good question you raised here. I totally missed that for my hack SPQM, a roman-greek-carthege-and-so-on inspired mouse guard world. There slaves are a natural part of the society although it’s nowhere as abundant as in late republic or imperial Rome but still, a natural part of life. Maybe I need to adjust the Nature of mice a little or at least maybe all rich mice with slaves need to have a low Mouse Nature.