Twist or Condition applied after a failed Treatment test

If a character fails a Treatment test, is there a Condition or Twist applied as well as the “sucking it up” or “sweating it out” effect?

Well, if a condition is applied then the test is a success right?

Strictly speaking, a treatment roll is not a recovery roll, so this is an ambiguity in the rules.

Whenever the rules give a specific result for failure (for example, the Haggler table), I read that as overriding the normal results of failure. That is, unless the rules specifically call out the result as an additional option (such as Tax for failed Resources tests).

In this case, the specific results of a failed treatment test are given: a permanent -1D reduction to a skill or ability. Just like the specific results on the Haggler table, I think this overrides the Twist or Condition result. If it were optional like Tax, I think it would say so. Applying both the reduction AND a Twist or Condition would be too harsh, although what does that even mean in this game?

Hmm… I’m in agreement with Evil Lincoln here but noclue brings up an interesting point. It definitely looks like the rules intend for the consequence to always be immediately move to “sweating it out,” do not pass go, do not collect $200.

However, if you’re feeling merciful (but as Evil Lincoln put it, what does that even mean in this game?) nobody would fault you for luring the players into a false sense of hope by giving them success with a condition. Would certainly make the Sick ranger stop tearing his hair out over whether you’ll take away his rank 4 Scout with 3 passes and 3 fails in it.

But then again… aren’t the lives of elves nothing but grief and sorrow?

I understand that if there’s success with a condition, no need to move on to “sweating it out”, but could you introduce a twist as well as the failure of the Treatment roll?

If we’re thinking of it in terms of Twist and Condition, the book is telling us that Treatment failure always goes to a Twist, and is stipulating a specific Twist to always use (immediately “Sweat it Out”). So to answer your question, the failure listed for the Treatment roll is already a Twist and a second one would be extraneous.

I think a more accurate precedent is in Tax on Resources (p 134).

If you wish, when a player fails a Resources test, instead
of the standard conditions, you may tax the character’s
Resources by the margin of failure … However, as per the standard
condition rules, the player gets what he was after in addition
to having his Resources taxed. No other conditions or twists
are applied if Resources is reduced.

As you see, the rules consider Tax to be like a condition, since it is a penalized success.

A failed treatment roll does remove the condition, and the stat reduction is in essence a condition.

It’s not clear cut, though, so it really is up to your GM when this occurs. This is just the info I’ using to make my own ruling. There’s lives on the line!