"Twisting by the (dice) pool..."

I have a (possibly) weird question about twists and how to create/use them:
When I create a twist, do I need to create it with the failed test that caused it in mind, i.e. does a twist have to be somehow related to the failed test that invoked it?
The biggest reason I was wondering is I was thinking of coming up with a collection of generic twists that I could literally pick at random in the case of a failed test. Obviously I’d need to at least make up a bridge between the failed test and the resulting twist on the fly, but is there any reason that wouldn’t work?

There is not

Hi Christopher,

For a mission, I prepare one of each hazard: animal, journey, mice, weather. I use two as mission obstacles and keep two as possible twists. Here’s an example: [MG] Planning and Play: Summer 1153.

The caveat with making a list of generic twists is whether or not the situations engage the characters’ Beliefs, Instincts, Relationships, etc. If you can balance these things, I say go for it. But two things I love about Mouse Guard are how straightforward preparing a mission can be and how it’s designed to run around the players and their characters. It doesn’t suffer if I detail new obstacles and twists before every session.