Twists & Conditions

I’m wondering how differently Twists & Conditions are handled in TB than in Mouse Guard.

Mouse Guard RPG p. 68 says:
If a player fails an ability or skill test, one of two things can happen. You can decide he fails to overcome the obstacle and throw an unexpected twist into the story or you can allow the player to succeed with a condition. He passes but his character is made Hungry, Angry, Tired, Injured or Sick in the process.

Torchbearer p. 7 says:
Twist or Condition
If you fail a test, you do not succeed. Instead, the GM introduces a twist or gives you a condition for getting what you want.

This says you “you do not succeed”, but also at the discretion of the GM, you do succeed (“getting what you want”), at the cost of a condition.

Is this a valid re-statement of the rule?: “If you fail a test, you do not succeed and the GM introduces a twist. Alternatively the GM may allow you to succeed, but you acquire a condition.”

Yes, that’s correct.