Twists: Require Turns and Checks?

Re-read through the book a few times. Still struggling with two questions:

  1. In an Adventure Phase, when a PC fails a test and the GM decides to use a Twist, does that follow-up Test or Conflict cost a turn?
  2. In a Camp Phase, does that follow-up Test or Conflict cost a check? And if they don’t have one left?


  1. Yes. You can use twists to drive players into the grind, which is especially useful if your players are disciplined sorts that try to camp every 3 turns or so.

  2. If it’s something they must address immediately, then yes. Once they’re out of checks, they plunge back into the adventure phase.

Thanks, Thor! “Drive the players into the grind” will be my new motto. :slight_smile:

Chieftan: Conan, what is best in Torchbearer?

Conan: Crush your players, see them driven into the grind, and hear the lamentation of their check earning!