Two easy questions.

Sorry if these are obvious, but I couldn’t find an answer.

Steel: Do penalty dice or obstacles from injuries apply to your steel roll?

Positioning: When you are in FIGHT, and your at optimal length for your opponent (lets say he has a bastard sword: aka longer), does a success move you one space? Or right to your desired length? What about if you start at missile length?

And could you quote the pages these answers are on if you know them? Thanks.

One more question. If I have a b7 in swords, and script block and strike, putting all but one dice into block. If my Ob is 2 to hit with the attack portion of my move, does that mean it is a challenging roll because I am only rolling one die?

Which edition are you asking about? Gold or Revised?

Steel: yes

Positioning: in BWG if you win positioning you gain advantage. BWR is a bit more complicated.

Block&Strike: Yes 1D vs Ob 2 is a challenging test as usual.