Two folks looking for a group!

Hey there! My girl, Haley and I are looking for some people to play Burning Wheel with! Granted we’re brand new to the game so we couldn’t exactly GM but so far finding a group or even just a GM has been so far unsuccessful entirely. If you’re interested in this then feel free to Email me (listed below) or of course just reply to this thread!

Regards, Mason & Haley.


I hope you do find someone to play with on here, but, if you don’t; don’t feel like you can’t do it on your own.

Grab a friend or two, - they don’t have to be RPG players - and stumble through it together. You can learn, make mistakes and have fun together as a group.

The beautiful thing about these games is that there is no real barrier to entry. Jump in!

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Thanks for the reply, Chris! Trust that we’re no strangers to tabletops and definitely could pick it up ourselves with some people from our circles but finding people to play with really is the issue considering most of the people we play with don’t have time for another game on their belt. But nonetheless we appreciate the encouragement!

Burning Wheel works very well for duets (games of one player and one GM). You might also consider that to supplement your search in the meantime.

I might be interested, but it depends on availability.

I’ve also not played before, but I’ve read all the rules (and part of the Codex) and watched a lot of the Roll20 series. So being a player would be cool, but I might be convinced to try GM’ing it.

I’m UK-based, and, if the hours suit, I’m happy to run a (few)-off game(s) to get new people a bit more comfortable with Burning Wheel.

Consider it an offer to run some taster sessions / mini-adventure arc / or similar, so that people can get a handle on the game.

Unless you’re all based close-by in the UK, it’ll have to be online!

Hit me up via messages on the forum, and we can look into what’s possible.

Mason & Haley and I are having a discord get-together tonight to try and sort something out.

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Jaadus, We’re initially looking at Wednesdays 1900-2300 UK time. If that’s do-able for you, I’ll mention it tonight when Mason, Haley & I chat tonight.

I think I could make that work. You can send me a message with discord info if that makes it easier :slight_smile:

In the interests of these types of posts sort of dying, here’s a quick update. We had a good get-together last night. We came up with the following situation & the beginnings of a good setting (not detailed here):

"The small oasis village of Qirt, on the border of the Imperial province of Aels and the Endless desert.

The yearly Imperial tithe collector arrived right on time, her Imperial legionaries escorting the heavily armoured, camel-pulled wagon into the adobe-construction imperial fort ready to take possession of the village’s dept to the Empire and return it to the Aelish capital to the West.

During the night, Lord Ricardo Serra and his men struck. Somehow they managed to have the fort’s gate opened, and a band of his finest men stalked the fort, killing the tithe collector and her retinue, and all those who stood in their way until they located the boy they sought. Once they had the child and the monies from the tithe wagon, they withdrew to safety and Lord Serra let loose his orcish soldiers to raze the town and kill any possible witnesses to the child’s abduction.

Now, the three of you, left for dead when the child was taken, are deep within the fort while bloodthirsty orcs stalk the fort and village of Qirt. The smell of fire, smoke and burning bodies fills the air, while the screams and prayers of those survivors of the village can be heard being brutally slaughtered where they stand. Stay where you are and you’ll be engulfed by the flames of the shattered fort or slain by the orcs still hunting those alive within.

Little do the three know, but this is no mere raid and abduction on the remote borders of the Empire, this is the spark that will ignite a civil war…"

The game is till a WIP & I or hopefully others will give their views on the game. We have 3 players and are workign towards BITs. I’m away 10 days but will continue next month.



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