Two magic item questions

  1. I added as loot a potion which temporarily grants the Remembering nature descriptor. Messing with Nature isn’t on the list of the suggested “magic items can do this or this or this”. Is that because it was playtested and deemed not a good idea for [reasons], because Nature is too fundamental, or some other reason?

  2. I made a magic sword but looking at 2e’s examples it seems too powerful. It does all three of the below. Thoughts?

  • grant an obscure -wise
  • bypass some types of armor (maybe this is problematic because it invalidates the usefulness of other weapons?)
  • when it would be damaged or broken, instead there’s a chance it’s perfectly fine
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Hey Guy,

  1. Interesting idea. Hasn’t been playtested. Let us know how it goes!
  2. Seems fine to me.

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