Two questions (Afraid and Buying)

On p77 it says “While afraid, adventurers can’t help or use Beginner’s Luck.” - does that mean they also can’t help when determining disposition for a conflict or during a conflict? (I assume they can carry out actions during conflicts, though, because technically that is not helping)

Also, it is not mentioned specifically, but buying stuff at the market may also invoke twists or impose conditions on characters as per the standard rules, right?

Yes, being afraid means not being able to help during conflicts or determining disposition. You can make your own tests–might be a good time to use a trait to fail and get some checks!

Yes, using resources–including buying at the market–is discussed (along with twists, conditions, and taxing resources) at length in the GMs section (pp. 134-135)

Mike is correct. And just to make it clear, when you’re afraid, you can lead tests (as long as you have the skill) and others can help you. You just can pass a helping die or try things you don’t already know how to do. You’re too scared.

Thanks, both of you!

Wait, but… that means in a conflict if one person is afraid then nobody can help with disposition! All conditions present in the entire party are taken into consideration when determining disposition, right?

Nope. If anyone is hungry or thirsty the team is at -1 dispo. Anyone who is afraid can’t help with the dispo roll.