Two quick and unrelated questions

  1. For Strider L8 abilities Snapshot and Riposte, can you change the actions after the GM announces his actions? For example, if I’m using a bow and am planning to Maneuver and the GM reveals that he is Feinting, can I then change the Maneuver to Attack? Or is it too late after the GM reveals?

  2. When an ability, weapon or whatever just says “grants +1s”, is it assumed that this is only for tied and successful actions? We’ve played it in the past as it grants the bonus to all appropriate actions unless stated otherwise. Now, the GM says that, unless it says otherwise, it’s only applied to successful or tied actions. Which is the default application?

  1. Before or after actions are revealed. The idea is you’re suffering a -1D penalty because of a last-minute decision to either fire a bow without aiming or switch your defense to a last-minute sneak attack.
  2. Tied or successful actions.

Mucho gracias.