Typo in 2e Dungeoneer's Handbook 'Cartographer'

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On page 162, in the Cartographer skill description, there’s repeating text and a typo:

‘you can travel to a location and travel to it with needing to test’

I think it should be ‘you can travel to a location without needing to test’

Thank you!


Two errata:

The file name of the PDF says “Dungeoneers Guide”, but the title of the book actually is “Dungeoneer’s Handbook”.

p 166 - Laborer skill says it helps (amongst others) Healer and Survivalist. Healer and Survivlist entries say otherwise. Also, the skill reference doesn’t list Laborer for these skills, so I assume the Laborer skill description is wrong.

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Another correction or suggestion for Dungeoneer’s Handbook:

p 250 shows the Adventure Phase Procedure but doesn’t mention the passing of turns.
Suggestion: Under the Main heading “Result” between “Loot!?” and “Listen Again” add “A turn passes” or “Advance the Grind”.

Edit: Also, the Camp Phase Procedures diagram p 252 could mention how and when to enter the camp phase. (At the end of a turn? If so - before or after the grind hits? Or instead of the new turn? It could use some clarification). Alternatively, the Adventure Phase Procedure could show at which point the party can make camp.