Typo thread for 2e Scholar's Guide

Hi there - just a thread for typos in the Scholar’s Guide if we find any

  • On p8 under ‘Paint the scene’ the 1st bullet point reads ‘What’s it the environment?’ - it should be ‘What’s in the environment?’

  • p24, the bullet list uses full stops (periods? sorry I’m a New Zealander) inconsistently



p36, last sentence under Games Master decides: superfluous apostrophe and missing question mark

“What unforeseen obstacle crops up and disrupt’s their efforts.”

should be: ‘What unforeseen obstacle crops up and disrupts their efforts?’

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p49, 2nd sentence under ‘Injured’ reads ‘These injuries are a difficult things’

Should be either ‘These injuries are difficult things’ or ‘These injuries are a difficult thing’

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p176, 2nd paragraph under ‘Monstrous Precedence’ is missing ‘halfling’

Should be ‘…the denizens of this chapter who fall outside the human, elven, halfling and dwarven hegemony’

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