I founds it, and it will be read.

Once it is read, it will be played, as broken and inane as it may be.

Any notes/tips?

I see what BWHQ meant now about there being no way for the PCs to succeed. Still, it’s an interesting read.

I’m not familiar with the acronym - what is it?

Under A Serpent Sun

That’s actually intentional. It’s unplayable for other reasons.

If it’s played you have a moral imperative to post an extensive debriefing if not multiple entire recorded sessions.


We played a game where the rules were to end up in Survival of the Fittest and to have no more than 6 lifepaths and no less than 3.
The Lifepaths

The Meek: This is where all the not-so-good lifepaths are. It’s a long drag, so we felt the need to skedaddle our way out of the illusion ASAP. However, it is also where we had to start. So we all took a few here. What’s nice is the contrast between the “red” of the wasteland and the “grey” of the illusion. One is bland and depressing. The other is violent and depressing. The world is just full of options, isn’t it? I went straight out for SOTF, picking Born Meek and then victim right away. The other players mostly followed suit, but one chose to take 3 lifepaths in meek.

Survival of the Fittest: The red to The Meek’s grey, a lot of these lifepaths are brutal. They teach brutality and exist in a world of brutality. Since this is where I would be staying, I took my 3rd, 4th, and 5th LPs here. Most others did about the same, taking a total of 4-5 lifepaths. The same player who took 3 meek lifepaths took 3 more SOTF lifepaths to play a “crazy old man”.

This means that all of us where driven out of the illusion as kids, and grew up there with the aid of our “older brother”.

The Final LPs:
Me: Born Meek, Victim, Lead to SOTF, Insomniac, Grotesque, Bonereader,
I don’t remember the exact lifepaths the other’s took, but we ended up with one old man, one bonereader/grotesque, two suicidals/phychotics, and a driver/scavenger.

More to come.