UK Games Expo 2019

Any of the UK contingent going to the UK Games Expo in Birmingham this year?

I live 10 minutes away from the the convention centre so I thought I’d sign up.

First I’m running The Gift in the Saturday afternoon slot, but this game has already filled up just with preorders.

Then I’m running Inheritance at the viking reenactment village on the Saturday night slot. The viking reenactors have agreed to fill up the player count for any no-shows or unsold tickets.

Lastly I’m running Skogenby on Sunday morning.

The vikings thing is a funny story. They just love to show up at conventions and do their viking thing but it’s not exactly a gaming thing so they were under pressure to do something more game-like. They were thinking about a murder mystery play which they didn’t have any experience with. Then last year I put up Inheritance and we joined forces. This being year 2, we should be in for a really good one.


Vikings and a murder mystery… that doesn’t add up.

When vikings murder, it usualy loud and clear who did the murdering.

In the game we played one viking sneaked into another’s tent to kill the occupant but the victim retaliated and killed the aggressor. Then this player was saying “Oh no! What have I done? This ruins everything! Can someone else take the blame?”

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