Unarmed / Disarmed combat

Hi folks.

Ran some great stuff today, my players are very excited to be getting into character and finally playing this game I’ve been talking so much about.

I have a question:

A player was disarmed of his staff during a conflict and had no other weapons. What happens?

At the time, the player had the highest disposition in the combat, but a successful maneuver disarmed him. He can’t pick up the staff again (the rules say a disarm is for the duration of the conflict).

I played it that the other player was instantly victorious, but there was a large concession made to the disarmed player. It was acceptable, but something just doesn’t feel right about it.

Are there any rules for fighting without a weapon? What happens when you lose yours?


I might be wrong, but as far as I can see, weapons are only a way to get bonuses and special abilities in a Fight conflict. So, if you are disarmed, you could still fight, but without any advantages associated to wielding a weapon. It’s a bit like doing an argument conflict without the benefit of proofs.

All in all, I’d simply go on with the conflict.

A guardmouse would never give up just because he lost his weapon. Did Saxon pack it in when his sword was broken?

Fights continue when you’re disarmed. As Anadiel pointed out, you just carry on without the bonuses.