Unnamed World for our upcoming Torchbearer game on Aug 3rd in Atlanta

http://i.imgur.com/7UN1w5c.jpg (Will eventually make something less ugly via software)

Elfland: Elves originate from Elysia. Overland, only accessible via the Path of Knorr. “Only one non-elf survived the trek. Knorr painted the entire path with his blood.”[1]

Intervening years have seen wars then a sensible treaty with the elvenking to stay away from their shores and that only elves would tread the Path of Knorr anymore. Humans created a buffer to the east of the path. The elves didn’t care as long as the human’s stayed off the path

[1] “This is a quote from ancient documents. The unclear pronoun reference makes it unclear if Knorr was an elf who painted the path with the blood of an unnamed traveller, or if Knorr was the traveller and painted the path with his own blood for some reason”

Dwarven Halls: First Agate is the end of where most Outsiders tread. But many other halls happily will countenance visitors…who can pay…for awhile

Religious Bastion: The Repose
Situated on a far side of a desert (Faithfont Desert). This stronghold has many articles of faith. However, raids from The Dark Unsullied to the south have blocked the attempts at settlement in proximity to the bastion.

Its food is all shipped through last chance

Bustling Metropolis: Trifort
In imperial days, this city was sometimes the capitol. Now it’s a freehold like everywhere else. Anything can be bought here, including death, life, happiness and sorrow.

Remove Villages: Branda + Tanda
Swamp Rats are some of the kindest nicknames for the dwellers of these places. The hunting is great, but the only real form of transport is boat. The villages themselves have some agriculture to support their life, but meat and forage is what the rest of those folks eat.

Busy Crossroads: Last Chance

What if a group of rich priests set up in a place too dangerous to farm, so had to buy are their food and have it shipped in?

And what if a small gold rush had set up in a small city, enough to aim itself towards being a big city?

You’d have Last Chance. Money is ready to be made here a hundredfold ways. But man, those prices for everything HURT

Mountains: World’s Secrets
Fifteen miles tall, they can be seen over most of the land. Who built the 1000 ft Gate? Will they ever be crossed?

Roads: Seamarch and Dwarfmarch
They’re big, heavily travelled thoroughfares in almost imperial levels of repair

Coast: The Eyes, Spiport, Furnace, Northmarch
Rich on trade, supplied well with fish.

The Eyes are a pirate haven.

The Forest: The Dark Unsullied
You name it, this forest probably harbors it and something that eats it. Not to sell short the dangers of The Goblin Reaches: Goblins will eat you too.

Volcanos: Smulder + Furnace
Relatively small eruptions at worst make people choose to live, farm and build near them

Wild Men: Northernmans (Pronounced: North Urn Manz)
They Northermans live north of Northmarch. They usually stay there too.

Dragons: Chandriss and mountains
Chandriss surely has dragons involved in the manufacture of lizardmen. Why? No one knows for sure, but lots of rumors and conjectures abound.

Halflings: The Glidden Fields
The ancestral home of the halflings, humans leave them alone there upon realizing they’re the only creatures able to get anything to grow there. Boundaries set by treaty.

They are tricksy and know much about outwitting goblins.

Wizard’s Tower: Wizard Spike
How did Fandils boil the sea? Why does he suffer others on his isle? Why does he let them cross, giving them Sail Charms to pass the roiling, boiling, Frothmuch?

No one knows

Their first adventure is out of Tanda

Nice, and I love your map, I would keep it as is, or if doing a digital form, try and retain most of your style.


Used Hexagrapher to colorize/mark terrain on that one. I haven’t been impressed with its quality (or so far any other mapping software I’ve used) http://i.imgur.com/w1ggfO3.jpg


Your group wouldn’t be interested in another player, perchance?

Yes it would simple cat. PM me contact info and we can work out scheduling another time. I found another guy in Decatur who may be interested as well.

Don’t you want to run this online too? Your BW game isn’t enough! :stuck_out_tongue: