[Unofficial] Long-Term Game Character Sheet Booklet - Gold Edition

I took the Official Long-Term Game Character Sheet Booklet and updated to Gold. I corrected the Circles and wounds obstacles, including the wounds chart foot note. I even added a small wheel at the bottom of the last page. :slight_smile:

I made six versions:

Basic (With no flames)
Fire (My favorite)
Monster (If you play a monster)
Wheel (With the Gold wheel)
Magic (If you want to play a sorcerer)
Adventure (With the AB wheel)

And I edited the official character sheet so you can fold it in half and make an A4 booklet: Booklet A4 Sheet

The seven PDFs in one link: Download (4,06 MB)

I hope you enjoy it.

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Interested, but would like to avoid signing up for that site just to get 'em. Can we put 'em on the wiki?

You can download them individually from the Google Docs links w/o being signed in.

I did not know you had to signing up in order to download the file. I think I fixed it now.

It might be a US thing - as far as I can tell any 4shared link requires the downloader to log in. A similar issue came up when Alessandro posted his tiddlywiki files.

These are great, Alejandro. Thank you. I’ve been looking for a long-term sheet. We’re 21 sessions in on my campaign and the players are plum out of room!

I’m glad you find it useful.

Here it is the magic wheel version, if you want to play a sorcerer: Magic

I have a different problem with the 4shared site: it has location detection. Since I live in South Korea, the entire page shows up in Hangul. I could figure it out, but I’m much too lazy to crack out my dictionary, haha. But yeah, can just download each one individually.

And thanks for doing this, Etsu! Can never have too many different character sheets to choose from. (Well, actually, you can, but I have this compulsive habit of collecting every kind of character sheet I can find for systems I play [and even for some I don’t]…)

Very nice!

Field Dressing obstacles were wrong.

I remade the sheets entirely, based on the official Burning Wheel Gold sheet now.

The Adventure sheet link points to the Magic sheet.


You are right.


Note: I added an edited version of the official low-term character sheet, so you can fold it in half and make it a booklet.