Unskilled Versus

Hi people,

This is just something I want to confirm : the mechanics of versus tests between a skilled character and an unskilled one. Let’s say that character THIEF wants to subtly rob character MERCHANT of one of his possession. That would be a Sleight of Hand (THIEF, attacking) test versus Observation (MERCHANT, defending). Let’s say that THIEF got sleight of Hand at B2, and MERCHANT is unskilled at Observation, but his Perception is B4. Does that mean that every successes of THIEF count as 2 successes, since Ob are doubled against unskilled test?

Thanks to everyone in advance!

Effectively, the merchant gets one success for every two successes he rolls.

If he rolls one success, he effectively has zero successes.

If he rolls two successes or three successes, he effectively has one success.

If he rolls four successes, he effectively has two successes.