Untrained Mixed Armor

If a character without armor training has, let’s say, full light mail, and a great helm, which category of untrained armor penalty would they have? The light mail +1 Ob to health, the full plate +2 Ob to everything, or would you split the difference and call it heavy mail?

I’d probably give the higher penalty, if only because it seems like rules lawyering. Maybe if the character is actively pursuing Armor Training but hasn’t mastered it, I’d go for the gentler option


I agree with @Agnelcow

The rules for Mixed Armor (p.479) state that adding a heavier piece to a set of armour applies the higher clumsy weight penalty. The converse example is that replacing a helm with a lighter one reduces clumsy weight. As helms have separate clumsy weight whereas the rest of the suit has a single penalty for the whole thing, that implies the rule is to apply the highest relevant penalty.

Clumsy weight is a separate rule from untrained armour use, but in the absence of an explicit rule on untrained weight, I’d expect them to work in the same way, i.e. untrained use doesn’t mention location so is based on the highest armour anywhere on the body.

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