Update of Firefight scripting sheet on wiki

From a recent fight, a small errata was found on the Firefight Scripting Sheet:

Advance vs Advance are listed as versus action, where the book lists them as Independent.

Can someone who has access to the original update it? I’d do it myself but I can’t edit it.

there’s two mistakes on that sheet. Advance is wrong and one of the action interactions is wrong. Sucks!

What is the action interaction mistake?

Any chance of an updated version appearing on the Wiki with these fixed?

Also under the “Firefight Play Process” the final point 11 says repeat steps 7-10, shouldn’t this be repeated steps 6-11?


So I have the Firefight! sheet in front of me, and the book. I checked them against each other. The only mistake in Firefight!, as has been pointed out, is that Advance against Advance is an Independent test, not a Versus test. (p. 494)

The other thing Luke is referencing is that the Close Combat Action Matrix (p. 497 in the book) on the Firefight! sheet has a mistake: Overbearing against Grenades is an Independent test, not a Versus test.